The sheer magnitude of Glacier National Park's magnificent landscapes command the attention of every visitor, however the real eye candy is in the details. Exploring the world of butterflies and moths opens the mind to see the tremendous diversity that nature bestows upon the million plus acres that comprise Glacier National Park. With descriptions of 156 Lepidoptera species documented in the park, this enhanced second edition includes individual photo galleries of 129 species as well as 35 video clips. Based upon historical butterfly lists and pinned specimens from the Glacier National Park museum collection, as well as photographs of live insects, this guide will assist those who wish to explore Glacier's biodiversity at a more intimate level.

176 pages  |  1.83GB  |  Published July 9, 2014

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This book by Bob Chinn is packed with glorious full color photos, interactive learning and videos shot by the author in Glacier National Park.

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